I first realized I wanted to write in my early years. I enjoyed making up bizarre, twisted stories. In my seventh grade English class, for a short story assignment, I wrote a musical. Not a full fledged musical. Just a story with rearranged words from commercial jingles and popular songs mix into the story. It got people's attention. At the time I was interested in Poe, Vonnegut, and Herbert, as well as several lesser known authors (my apologies for not mentioning you by name as I would feel privileged in joining your ranks). I wrote political and religious parody. It made me popular a little.  
    I realized I had to work for a living when I grew older, knowing most would be writers are poor. I left the friends I made and went to another school to study electronics. This helped in my future. This education secured several jobs throughout my life so I feel it was a good move. Even here my writing surfaced. I found the outlet in my English classes and writing my lab reports (one being fiction, the other not). I also worked part time on weekends in a small diner. One waitress in particular I liked a lot. She had a creative writing assignment in her college English course but couldn't write very well. She knew I liked to write so she asked me to do her assignment for her which I did willingly. The best thing to come out of that was a B+ for her.  
In college I discovered Rock n Roll, Radio, and many other things popular in the late seventies. I have to admit my writing was effected by some of my side interests and habits, but I survived. Like Lewis Carol, Poe and some other writers, I followed their path and found it to be a mind expanding experience but along with it came sadness and tragically including dropping out of school. I then had to wade through the workforce to earn a living. Thank God I studied electronics.  
    Finding myself away from home for the first time, I found I had plenty of time on my hands. I got a notebook, a pen and a bottle of wine and began to write. As I planned my higher education finally caught up with me and I found myself in that netherworld where the bizarre becomes plausible and the surrounding reality can make for good fiction as well as a bewildering life. Lost in a world of work, bills and wanting for more, I eventually saught out help and soon afterwards returned to writing. I started writing short stories. I liked them. No one else did. Well, maybe one person. God bless him. I sent out a story to a magazine, one of my first stories. It was presented so poorly, Mr. George Schithers, the editor of Amazing Stories Magazine at the time wrote me back a very angry letter, scolding me on my presentation. A relationship was born. Groveling with thanks I sent him another story in the manor he wished, which he read scrutinized, corrected and rejected for print. I was in heaven. I continued to write and he continued to personally respond. This relationship went on for about a year until I had an epiphany. The idea for “Subroutine: Heaven" came to me. It came to me powerfully and all at once. I wrote the premise and a rough outline down at once in about an hour. I then began to work on the novel. I never corresponded with Mr. Schithers again; a grave injustice to his efforts and an act I will regret for life. He at least deserved to know why I stopped so abruptly. What can I say? My muse took control of me.  
    I began work on my first novel. Every free moment I had was spent on it. I recall actually bleeding on several of the pages while I wrote. I wrote it, I wrote it again and I wrote it again. All long hand. Every time it got a little bit better. Today I feel I should have written it a few more times, but you have to stop sometime. Next I sent it out in amateur competition and got good feed back. I then had it professionally typed and edited. The woman who did this said she loved the story and it even made her cry at some points. Thank-you. Afterwards I made every mistake in the book to get it published, but several years later I saw an ad for Enchanted E-Books. Computers were coming of age. The Internet was on the rise and where else was it fit for me to begin but at the dawn of E-books. Enchanted E-Books published my novel. I did some personal advertising and the book began to sell.  
    Again I was in heaven. Each month the letter I got from Enchanted E-Books showed an exponential amount of sales. I thought I had it made. Unfortunately internet speeds became faster. New technology presented itself every six months. The industry was changing fast. Enchanted E-Books couldn't keep up. They couldn't afford the continuing upgrade of their systems to meet the changes and they went under, to my disappointment. None the less I rested on my laurels. I had reached one of my goals, but my personal life took a down turn. My parents became ill and I moved back home to help care for them and next I found I was without a job once more.  
    I finally got rehired at an old electronics job I once had and got another selling digital cameras. This was great. The market was good, I got some money and decided to buy a computer. Up until now I used a smart typewriter. I also bought a digital camera. I learned how to use these new toys and what do you think I did? I wrote another book. A cook book this time. I photographed each recipe and used the computer to set up the pages; “101 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches”. It was fun but someone else had the same idea, did it better and a large publishing house printed it. Still I continued on. I put together several other novelty cook books and started SZ Publishing for the first time. I had no hits, No sales, nothing. All I could do now was revel in my past and just do my job.  
    As with all writers, if they're real writers, they have to write. So I did. I put together another novel but only got through the fist draft. An abrupt change in jobs, sudden increases in mortgage premiums and moving to a new home caused me to stop and find new employment (not necessarily in that order). Once I was settled in, left a job I did not like, I began to write again in earnest. I got past the first draft, found a job where I had free time to pursue my own interests and completed “From the Grave to the Wedding Gown”. After this I wrote another. I decided to write a couple more and try to reinstate SZ Publishing. Thanks to my commitment and the free time I had at my job and at home I was able to start the website. I have a lot of first drafts I intend to polish up and offer on my site. But as luck would have it, as well as a low budget for advertzing, this version of Sz Publishing also floundered. Some time passed, as well as several survived illnesses. Now I trying again, but this time I'm a little more savy.  
    I hope you enjoy my stories. In fact I'm sure you will. I really enjoyed writing them. Some are fun, some are frightening, some raise questions. You should see what all the others are about. I'm going to try to make sure they're made available. Thank-you  
Michael C. Szer  

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